About Our Company


Fahad Al Ruwaitea & Ahmed Al Breki – the founders of EMC enjoy extensive years of experience working at leading companies and groups in the Kingdom. With both coming back from operational and managerial backgrounds having handled 1 billion riyal projects covered marketing, operations, management and leadership.

They both launched the group in 2011 in the aim of building on their experience, knowledge and knowhow to build a portfolio of subsidiaries across different industries to eventually become leaders in each industry through innovative and revamped business model of operation and management. They also designed a model to adapt while working and representing international brands in the GCC market and introduce turnkey projects for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Meet The Team


Ahmed Al BrekiCo-founder & President

Charles HartleyBoard Member & Chairman Advisor

Yousif AliMarketing & Strategy Director

Noha El Saber Project Manager

Mohammed KanaanIT Development Manager

Kawthar MansourART Director

Akram Salem Operations Manager

Ashwag Salem Accounting

Mohannad AgaAdministration

Fahad Mubarak Office Manager