Our Services

Sports Marketing Consultancy

We provide a full service of Sports Marketing and Management Consultancy to get the most for our clients. Our talented and experienced team create the bonds with sports sponsors, teams, venues and participants to fulfill the marketing requirements for our clients.

Technical Planning Advisory

A team of professionals work on the evolution of the clients’ programs or system to achieve its objectives through the most effective and efficient path.

Event Planning and Management

A great event depends on the right planning and management. We start from the idea conception to the development of large scale sports events to leave the audience with an experience they will never forget! Remake: From smile to smile!

Coach Education

Our passion in sports, it our strength to provide the right education and development to the coaches. We train coaches how to develop well trained future players. Through our partnerships with Coerver coaching and other international recognized bodies, we deliver practical and theoretical coaching sessions by building, developing and extending a series of linked practices.

Grassroots Development

For any developing sports nation, grass root development is the key! This is why we focus on developing the youth sports life and performance of sports by innovating youth sports programs to develop talents into heroes representing the nation in the following years.

Sports Development

EMC, serves as a hub for the sports initiative development in the region. Partnering with international bodies, we are able to cause the positive effect of generating interest in sports participation by running new and inspiring initiatives to the community.